FCA (3310703)


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Unit. No. Unit Name Content
1 Basics of Computer System
  • Concept of Hardware and Software
  • Computer block diagram
  • Input Output unit
  • CPU, Control Unit, Arithmetic logic Unit (ALU), Memory Unit
  • Monitor, Printers: Dot matrix, Laser, Inkjet, Plotters, Scanner
  • System software and Application Software
  • Operating system concepts, purpose and functions
  • Operations of Windows OS.
  • Creating and naming of file and folders
  • Copying file, renaming and deleting of files and folders,
  • Searching files and folders, installation application, creating shortcut of application on the desktop
  • Overview of control Panel, Taskbar.
2 Using MS-word 2007
  • Overview of Word processor
  • Basics of Font type, size, colour,
  • Effects like Bold, italic , underline, Subscript and superscript,
  • Case changing options,
  • Inserting, deleting, undo and redo, Copy and Moving (cutting) text within a document,
  • Formatting Paragraphs and Lists
  • Setting line spacing; single
  • Page settings and margins including header and footer
  • Spelling and Grammatical checks
  • Table and its options, Inserting rows or columns, merging and splitting cells, Arithmetic Calculations in a Table.
  • Working with pictures, Inserting Pictures from Files,
  • Using Drawings and WordArt; Lines and Shapes, Modifying Drawn Objects, Formatting Drawn Objects, options for Creating and Modifying a WordArt Object
3 Using MS-Excel 2007
  • Introduction to Excel 2007,
  • Introduction to data, Cell address, Excel Data Types, Concept of hyperlink
  • Introduction to formatting, number, text and date formatting
  • Concept of worksheet and workbook
  • Understanding formulas, Operators in Excel 2007, Operators Precedence, Understanding Functions, Common Excel Functions such as sum, average, min, max, date, transpose, In, And, or, sqrt, power, upper, lower.
  • Types of graphics : Word art, auto shapes , Images
  • Introduction to charts, overview of different types of charts available with Excel
  • Concept of print area, margins, header, footer and other page setup options
4 Using MS-Powerpoint 2007
  • Outline of an effective presentations,
  • Starting a New Presentation Files, Saving work,
  • Creating new Slides, Working with textboxes.
  • Changing a slides Layout, Applying a theme, Changing Colours, fonts and effects, Creating and managing custom Colour & font theme, Changing the background
  • Managing slides master, Managing theme.
  • Changing the font, font size, font colour, text fill,
  • Adjusting character spacing and line spacing Formatting text boxes.
  • Word arts, styles,
  • Formatting bulleted lists and numbered list,
  • Finding and replacing text, Correcting your spelling
  • Creating a new and editing a table’s structure,
  • Selecting, deleting, moving, copying, resizing and arranging objects,
  • Working with drawing tools, Applying shape or picture styles, Applying object borders, object fill, object effects.
  • Working with clip art collection
5 Using HTML Basic structure of HTML

  • Structure of HTML Page
  • Inserting formatting tags for Text: bold, italic, underline, line break, special character, predefine headings, paragraph, comments.
  • Font color, size, Alignment
  • Margin with body tag, background and text color
  • Ordered and unordered lists
  • Use of Frames for structured viewing

Tables, Images and Links in HTML

  • Tables – basic structure, Using TD, TR, TH tags, use of basic elements in table : border, cellpadding, cellspacing, width, caption, align, bgcolor
  • Images in web page: inserting and formatting of images using SRC, border, Vspace, Hspace, align, ALT, height, width and background in HTML page
  • Types of links: Linking two or more web pages, linking within a web page, linking to external page, linking to a specific point in another web page, linking image file, mailto.
  • Working with Multimedia Objects
     Video and sound file. Add marquees of scrolling text. Inserting
    and controlling video and audio in HTML page